Test flight after life extension procedure of AN-124-100 successfully absolved

In September 2017 the life extension procedure for AN-124-100 with tail number RA-82074 has begun. On Monday, 22nd June 2020 the 3 hours test flight has been absolved successfully after change of all four engines (D-18T) and the reinstallation of the flaps.

The life extension program is a unique project of AMTES GmbH. Our specialists from the FAP-285 department in cooperation with design organization AP-21 performed the assessment of the technical conditions of the Antonov, fixed and rectified defects of the airframe structure and aircraft systems. In sum more than 45.000 man hours have been produced in that period.

Due to the complexity of the whole project AMTES GmbH had also to face many challenges, especially regarding the availability of qualified staff during flight restrictions between Germany and Russia in the time of COVID-19. Instead of passenger flights the issue was solved by transferring our experts via direct charter flights from Ulyanovsk to Leipzig/Halle.

The big amount of required parts for repairs and replacements, which are normally produced by the main supplier in Ulyanovsk but closed due to COVID-19, were manufactured by AMTES GmbH itself and by German organizations under approval of Russian aviation authorities. During the whole event many failures of the air conditioning systems have been caused due to the 3 years long ground time but fixed by our experts fast.

We would like to thank all specialists, business partners and supporters for the successful finishing of that huge project.