Engine 747-8 GEnx-2B

Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH, performed its first GEnX-2B engine replacement on a Boeing 747-8F aircraft for AirBridgeCargo Airlines.
The work has been accomplished in accordance with the company’s EASA Part-145 certificate and an approval issued by Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation where the aircraft is registered.
AMTES GmbH is currently approved for A-check services on Boeing 747-200/-300/-400/-8F and 737-300/-400/-500 type aircraft. The company also holds Rating C14 which covers wheel and brake repair shop activities on a variety of Boeing 747 aircraft models.
“We are very proud of this accomplishment. We are also pleased that it was AirBridgeCargo, to become our first customer for engine replacement. We are keen to extend the range and improve the quality of our services offered to the customers,” said Ildar Ilyasov, Managing Director of AMTES GmbH.

“The comprehensive approach and care demonstrated by AMTES GmbH fully satisfied our requirements for quality. Though it was the first engine replacement experience, AMTES GmbH did its utmost to complete all works on time. I am sure they will further improve the quality and reduce turnaround time.” said Pavel Tereshchenkov, Technical Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines.