Amtes GmbH - Leipzig - HR Policy

All necessary scope of work was accomplished by AMTES GmbH in direct coordination with representatives from Cargo Air who personally witnessed hangar capabilities and service quality and expressed their solid satisfaction with job well done.

At the end of the year 2013, AMTES GmbH extended its EASA Part-145 approval to include A-check services on Boeing 737-300/400/500 and Boeing 747-8F, B-747-400 (PW-4000) type aircraft. The Company’s Rating C14 was also expanded to cover wheel and brake repair shop activities on a variety of Boeing 747 aircraft models.

“We are very glad to start cooperation with Cargo Air. I hope our new partner appreciated our hangar facilities, qualified personnel, teamwork and hearty welcome. I am confident both of us will benefit from this cooperation that will be the role model of effective and efficient relationship for the market,” said Ildar Ilyasov, Managing Director of AMTES GmbH

“When we came to Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH, we were eager to get a reliable MRO partner offering quality services and own hangar in Europe. This company fully meets our requirements. The cooperative work impressed us favourably, and I believe we will return for AMTES GmbH services again in future,” said Kaloyan Yordanov, Director for Maintenance and Engineering at Cargo Air