Towerstrasse 1
04435 Schkeuditz
Flughafen Leipzig/Halle

An 8,500 square meters hangar facility has been commissioned at Leipzig/Halle Airport. It can accommodate one B747 type wide-body aircraft or up to four B737/A320 narrow-body aircraft in parallel.


CargoCity Süd
Geb. 534 / 3 Stock / HBK 002
60549 Frankfurt / Main

Line station is located in Frankfurt airport and provides full scope of Line Maintenance Operations. It has a flexible approach to your schedule and team of technician who can handle any ad hoc situation to fit your schedule.


Ukraine, Kiev 01030
Bohdan Khmelnytsky street 19/21

Representational office located in Ukraine, Kiev. Serves the purpose of representation of legal interest of AMTES GmbH in Ukraine for any procurement activity.