AMTES GmbH performed the first A-Check for CargoLogicAir

In May 2016, AMTES GmbH successfully completed the first A-check maintenance service on a Boeing 747-400 operated by an English airline CargoLogicAir (CLA), at our hangar facility at the Leipzig/Halle airport (Germany).

The aircraft was subjected to the following maintenance workscope including 1A+3A+18 Month check. Additionally, AMTES GmbH carried out maintenance works such as structure bonding repair and also engine repair.

“In January 2016, AMTES GmbH concluded with CLA a long-term line maintenance agreement, including the A-check. Despite the high workload of AMTES GmbH in May this year our company was pleased to perform the first check for the CLA and thus lay the foundation for further productive cooperation “, said Ildar Iliyasov,  Managing Director AMTES GmbH .