HR policy

Our company has a strong intention to support, diverse and develop our working environment. Through the highest professional and personal qualities of our employees we are building efficient and productive team. We invest in our employees, encourage their strengths and provide opportunities for career and professional growth.

In our work, we aim to create and maintain ideas and values that are shared by all of our staff. By supporting such inseparable values as Development, Safety, Health and High Quality Work, we continue to achieve our goals and move forward.

The main principles and standards of our work are formulated in the Ethics Code that is obligatory to follow for all the company’s employees, board members, agents, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and other people or entities working on behalf our company.

All the company’s employees, agents and other representatives are to get acquainted with the provisions of the Ethics Code and to fulfill its norms and regulations of anticorruption laws and may not admit the least possibility to violate these norms and provisions.

Amtes GmbH - Leipzig - HR Policy